Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to Planet Amanda

Welcome to Planet Amanda.  Yes, I know Earth is technically “revolving” around the sun, but I like the word spin much better, for any science people who automatically thought me an idiot.  You may be right, but that’s for another day. Thank you, truly, for clicking on this page.  Seems silly to have a blog if I’m the only one reading it.

Quick bio for those who don’t know me well. I write to you from cozy Southern Maryland, a town where the metro traffic meets the corn fields.  I’m a practicing Roman Catholic, I'm proud to be American, and I love my family and friends dearly – those three things being my main reasons for getting out of bed each morning.  I enjoy writing, obviously, reading good books, biking and kickboxing.  I just graduated from Florida State- go Noles!-and I miss my land with my whole heart, as the south runs through my veins.  But Mary-land is indeed my home, and resting before my next big adventures has its advantages.  

This blog is weeks, months, years overdue perhaps.  Simply because I’m still hesitant to jump on the blog train.  The permanency of words strewn across the vastness of the internet cyberworld may seem commonplace to some, but for me it is like signing my name in blood.  I do not doubt the overwhelming power of words; I’ll be sure to be particular with mine.  I try to only say things I mean with my whole heart and body- so when I say welcome to my planet, I mean it.  If I give you nothing else, it will be my genuine lens of reality- with all my selfishness, joy, love and sorrow intertwined.

So even with my doubts today I felt compelled; convicted even, to start sharing some of the words I hold so close.  A mixture of events happened simultaneously which stirred a deep pang to simply do something.  As I sipped my afternoon coffee I perused Facebook and my email on my beloved iPhone.

Two friends had sent me links to Articles/ videos about Dorothy Day, regarding the Bishops progression with her path to sainthood.  If you don’t know about DD- you should.  Like St. Teresa of Avila or Edith Stein…let’s just say she’s my woman.  Tough, brilliant, compassionate, to the point.  I respect these women with every ounce of my being.  It’s my life dream to help people like they did.  Go read about Dorothy Day right now, even if it means you stop reading my blog.

As I tried to control my joy and quit screaming, I saw my mom emailed me an article from the Catholic Standard called, “U.S. Bishops, Catholic bloggers discuss how tweets, blogs help evangelize.”  Great.  Dig the knife even deeper. Deep down, I know my generation is more than jersey shore and sexting. I know we have the capacity for greatness, if only we could build each other up.

Catholic Social Media Article

It was a moment of self reflection.  I have all these plans…mixed with so much confusion about the present. I’m 22 years old, fresh out of college. I’m not the acclaimed novelist my 16 year old self thought I would be.  In fact, most of my plans don’t really turn out as I hoped.  And with all my happiness a grasp away, wrapped up in some dream of the future, I consistently fail to realize the beauty of today.

So if Dorothy were here, I bet she’d tell me to get off my butt and do something.  You want to be writer? Then write something.  You want to tell the world that young people like you still love God and will give their lives for their faith? Then you better start telling them. That bit about building each other up? I think it can start somewhere as small...or as a blog.

Each day I wake up, amazed that we’re on the Earth, spinning around the sun. Really.  If you think about it too long, it will start to freak you out.  As a child, I used to cry and cry thinking about the depth of eternity. Now, I just don’t think of it lest I lose all capability to function, completely lost in my mind dreaming of paradise.  In the past, I’ve tried really hard not to- but I believe we’re on this planet for a reason. I have to believe He didn’t give us each day for nothing; that we didn’t have to pass through this life alone.  I often wonder why He made us at all. In fact, I wonder that still. Wars, disease, violence, accidents.  Sometimes it seems like such a waste.  But as we spin around the Sun, unsure of so many things, take courage in the fact you are not alone.

I hope this blog can be a source of comfort, of laughter.  A simple reminder of our fragile humanity and how each day is new.  As a rule I try not to take myself too seriously, so I suggest the same for you.  We may have a lot in common, or nothing at all.  But for musings on being human, a single young woman, encountering post grad quarter life crisis, bleeding incense because we’re so Catholic, hating/loving weight watchers and my stupid skinny new life, or for general sarcastic and snide comments…you’re in the right place.


  1. You're a Rock Star! So amazed by your way with words. Immensely looking forward to reading this after long, hard days.

  2. Amanda, I think this is a wonderful idea, you're an excellent writer. I enjoy the fluency of your words, keep it up!