Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rookie Runner

When I moved home to Maryland this fall and resolved to kick weight watchers in the face once and for all, I decided my parents and I were going to become “active people.” You know what I mean, people who say things like: Oh, I wake up at 6am to run 10 miles every morning…or…Can’t go out tonight, I have to wake up early for a triathlon…or my favorite…Man, I really need new running shoes, I’ve really worn mine out.

Gosh, what a dilemma. My running shoes look brand new if you’d like to borrow mine.  I listen to these people with equal feelings of admiration and flat out envy.  While they’re on mile 5 each morning, I’m throwing my alarm clock across the room.  The only thing that can drag me out of bed is coffee or food.  We’ll be more like…afternoon active people.

This determined desire to have more active lives stems from a few reasons.  One, healthy body= better chances for a healthy mind, and Lord knows I could use some help with that. Two, since I broke up with sugar and carbs to count points and it’s WORKING, exercise is the best thing.  Hello skinny jeans. 

But let’s be real- the third reason may be what’s really pushing me.  Active people are just. SO. COOL.  And now that I’m an adult, and my metabolism has basically leveled out with all the effortlessly athletic tiny people from my past – let me tell you- it is healing to get out there and have fun.

For every time I wasn’t picked for the dodge ball team because I was slow…boom!  I’m 5’9” and I can outrun you now.  For every team party we weren’t invited to because we weren’t in the junior Olympics…HA! Now I can bike miles and miles and I’m not even tired.

And the best part is…we like it. My parents are right out there with me- cold weather and all- biking and walking it up.  My super cool Dad even got our new bike rack on sale. What’s. Up.

If I could, I’d personally thank WW, whoever invented the Couch to 5K app, Drake, Daft Punk and Big Time Rush (judge away), and every person who ever had a 13.1 sticker on their car that made me want to be like them.  It really is a whole new world.

Don’t be fooled- I’m still a rookie- overestimating my running capabilities and limping home.  Today I was chased by a dog, and only noticed it was on a chain after I had tripped on the sidewalk.  I also suggest NOT wearing spandex pants unless your tush needs affirmation from random men.  Rookie mistake.

So for all my people out there- the slow runners, the chubby kids, those of us used to getting participant ribbons- there is hope on the other side. Get some good shoes.  Some good music. Double up on sports bras and just go outside.  I prefer jogging and biking because I love the scenery and you can run away from people you’d rather not speak to.  Also kickboxing- but that’s a whole separate blog.  Kicking the crap out of something just makes everything so clear.  And if you want to lose weight- I obviously love WW- but today I’m tired and if I write about it I may crack and eat a pizza. Another time.

It’s getting late- go work out! The snobby awesome active people are.

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  1. amanda you crack me up. the best line: "i also suggest NOT wearing spandex pants unless your tush needs affirmation from random men." ITS SO TRUE- but you made it funny! im so proud of you girl!